Using Jessica and OPI products

File and paint£12                                                                                                                                           Nails filed and a colour of your choice applied                                                                                     

Express Manicure – £17                                                                                                                                          If you Haven’t got time for a full manicure, this is perfect for you, nails will be filed, cuticles tidied and a colour of your choice applied

Full Manicure with massage£22                                                                                                            Make your hands feel gorgeous again. Nails are filed, cuticles soaked and tidied, oil applied, a luxurious massage and to complete a colour of your choice applied!              

Deluxe manicure with hot mitts – £27                                                                                                           All as in a full manicure but with heated mitts to nourish and hydrate dry and tired hands and nails                                                                                                                                                           

French varnish£2 extra


Jessice and OPI products used

File and paint£14                                                                                                                                           Nails cut and tidied and a colour of you choice applied

Express Pedicure£19                                                                                                                                            A quick pedicure to tidy nails and cuticles for those that don’t have time for a full pedicure, a colour of your choice applied.

Full Pedicure with massage£25                                                                                                                Treat your tired, neglected feet. Your toenails will be cut and filed, cuticles and hard skin treated, a luxurious massage on your feet and lower legs with a colour of your choice applied.

Deluxe pedicure with hot mitts  – £30                                                                                                              A full pedicure plus the indulgence of heated mitts. Relax in the warmth and help combat dry and tired feet. Your feet will feel amazing after. A colour of your choice is applied to finish.

French varnish£2 extra


Soak-off gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks

We do not charge to soak any gels off which were  done by us!!

Colour Gel on hands or feet £30

French Gels on hands or feet  – £35

Full Manicure with colour gel – £42

Full Manicure with french gel – £44

Full Pedicure with colour gel – £44

Full Pedicure with french gel – £46

Soak off charge  £10 – £15 

Bio Gels

Colour Gels on hands or feet –  £30

French gels on hands or feet – £35